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Freedom Conex LLC is owned and operated by a Veteran of the United States Army (Retired in 2023) and we are dedicated to fighting the war on storage by offering various sized shipping containers throughout the country. 

Established in 2023, Freedom Conex is quickly growing and we are fighting to revolutionize the industry. We don’t just provide residential & commercial storage solutions, but we provide real support and accurate information to help guide our customers in their search for quality shipping containers.    

Our customers are our top priority, and if you don’t believe us, send us a message or call us and find out for yourself. Experience what it’s like to work with a company that has your back. We stand by our word and by our customers and guarantee quality products and quality service.

Which is correct and where did the term come from?

Conex Box vs. Connex Box

 Technically both are correct but Container Storage prefers to use conex with just one ‘n’ because of the origins of where the word came from.

The origin of these standardized steel shipping containers began in the 1950s when commercial shipping operators and the U.S. military started to develop these units. The logistics method employing these was named Container Express and was abbreviated ConEx. That abbreviation evolved into a word used universally and has since been abbreviated conex box.  Often the term has evolved from its origin to connex box and this term is also used interchangeably.

The use of standardized steel shipping containers began during the late 1940s and early 1950s, when commercial shipping operators and the US military started developing such units. During World War II, the US Army began experiments with containers to ship supplies to the front lines. After proving successful in Korea, the Transporter was developed into the Container Express (CONEX) box system in late 1952. Based on the Transporter, the size and capacity of the Conex were about the same, but the system was made modular, by the addition of a smaller, half-size unit of 6 ft 3 in long, 4 ft 3 in wide and 6 ft 10 1⁄2 in high.

More than three quarters were shipped only once, because they remained in theatre. The CONEX boxes were as useful to the soldiers as their contents, in particular as storage facilities where there were no other options. The term “CONEX box” remains in common use in the US military to refer to the similar but larger ISO-standard shipping containers.

So there you have it, everything you ever wanted to know about the conex box/connex box.

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